Monday, November 3, 2008

Custom Baby Items - Finished!

I finally finished a custom order for a stroller quilt, matching stroller bag and a change pad cover. These are all for the same friend who had me make the pink and brown crib quilt.

She wanted the stroller bag to fit a water bottle and a few small baby items. I used plastic canvas between the layers to keep it nice and sturdy.

The water bottle compartment has an elastic band since water bottles seem to vary in size. I also thought if she's jogging the band will help keep her water bottle in the compartment :). The other compartment just has a flap to keep things inside and dry.

All the snaps are reinforced with plastic canvas. I've never made anything like this before, so I wanted to make sure the snaps could handle the weight of a water bottle.

I also made her a change pad cover to match her crib quilt. I used just about every scrap of fabric to make this cover. I hope she's happy with how everything turned out!


Roze said...

That's pretty amazing! I wish I could sew like that! Have you learned mostly on your own? I'm hoping to do curtains, but Phil doesn't trust me completely, so we have a back up plan to use them for a kid bedroom instead of the living room if they look a bit shoddy. I'm a bit nervous about it...after all, I've only really mended before, and made a dress once. Not sure how precise I will be with straight lines and such!

Jennifer said...

Hi Roze! Thanks for the comment! I sewed with my mom and grandma when I was growing up - mostly clothes. Honestly, the best way to learn is through practice - especially when it comes to sewing straight and other sewing skills.

Starting with some curtains for a kid's room actually sounds like a great place to start. I'm only just starting to incorporate sewing into our decor. Up 'til now it's been mostly clothes for me (if I have to I can wear it around the house :)) and bags (usually initially for me until I get the pattern and kinks worked out).

There are also TONS of great resources online. You can Google "curtain tutorial" and I'm sure you could find some great informative websites. YouTube is also great if you're a visual learner.

Happy sewing!

Wendy said...

These are gorgeous! do you have a pattern for the stroller bag, or did you design it yourself?