Friday, May 30, 2008

Baby Silhouette Canvas with a Tutorial

Peanut isn't exactly a baby any more *sniff, sniff*, but you get the idea. I wanted to capture this moment in time with a fabric silhouette. I got the idea from this blog

Hmmm...I'm thinking this might be a great gift idea for Father's Day or simply a personilized gift for a loved one. So, here's a write up of what I did:

Materials: 2 types of fabric, a canvas (bought mine at Walmart), Heat'n'Bond (a double-sided iron-on adhesive, I bought mine at Joann's), tacks

1. I took a side view photo of Peanut (I had him look out the window. He loves the outdoors, so this was an effective method for us :)).

2. I uploaded the photo onto my computer and just traced his profile right off the computer screen. Seriously! I put a piece of paper on the monitor and traced away. It worked great!

3. I cut out his traced profile carefully. I will use this later as a stencil.

4. I ironed my selected fabrics (I used two fabrics - a brown sateen and a green cotton gingham to match Peanut's room). I made sure the brown piece was large enough for the silhouette and the green gingham was a few inches larger than the canvas.

5. I cut out a piece of Heat'n'Bond large enough to fit Peanut's profile. Then, I ironed the piece of Heat'n'Bond onto the back of the brown fabric. Leave the paper backing on the adhesive - you will use this to trace the silhouette.

6. I traced the profile stencil from earlier onto the paper from the Heat'n'Bond. (Note: if you care about which way your silhouette is looking, make sure you trace the profile in the opposite direction)

7. I cut out the profile. You'll want to cut the silhouette out carefully with sharp scissors (preferably sewing scissors) because you'll see mistakes on the fabric if you cut too far.

8. I peeled off the paper backing from the silhouette and laid the silhouette, adhesive side down, on my gingham fabric. I spent a bit of time making sure the silhouette was centered on my fabric.

9. Then, I ironed the silhouette onto gingham fabric. I started ironing in the center and worked my way to the edges to avoid wrinkles in the fabric.

10. I let the silhouette set for a few minutes until it was cool. Then, I centered it on the canvas.

11. I used tape initially when I was stretching my fabric over the canvas. The gingham was tricky to work with because I wanted the checkers to line up correctly.

12. Then, I flipped the canvas over and tacked everything down. I started with a tack in the middle of each side and then I tacked each corner. You might have to fiddle with corners a bit to get them to look nice.

13. And voila! There you have a lovely canvas silhouette!

If you use this tutorial I'd love to hear from you - this is the first tutorial I've written. Please let me know if any of the directions are confusing or if you have any questions. I'd also love to see your silhouettes, so please share!


While hubby's away, why not play!

Last weekend, I bought some fabrics to make a quilt for Peanut. I realized I love to sew, but I haven't made him very many things. Also, whenever we go visiting in the evenings I never have a blanket for him (if any of you have had us over in the evening, you know that I always ask to borrow a blanket because I don't have one with me :)). I decided to make a quilt just for him that we can take with us when he needs to sleep.

I cut and pieced on Wednesday, then quilted and bound yesterday. I was amazed how quickly it went - TWO DAYS! I think using a pattern helped, because I didn't have to waste so much time figuring out the math. Also, it's a crib size quilt, so it's a nice small one.

It's finished! Binding and all!

A close up of the fabrics and binding. I cut the binding strips on the bias to get the diagonal stripes.

Looking out his window with his quilt. You can see the back of it here. Pretty simple - just a green paisley fabric. (I love paisley! - I'm hoping it's not too feminine for my little man.)

Just sewing and crafting

I recently realized my family blog was turing into a crafting blog. Since my family doesn't necessarily care to see all my crazy crafting projects AND I'd like to be able to share my crafting with the blogging world, I decided to start a blog just for sewing and crafts.