Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A blog I love and a giveaway I couldn't resist...

I love Sandy's 4 Reluctant Entertainers blog! She has tons of tips for entertaining (not to mention gorgeous photos) - no matter your age, space constraints, or budget. Here is an exerpt from Sandy's blog:

"With the best intentions, many of us think about entertaining, but never get around to it. For many this blessing of gracious living for both the host and her guests never takes place because of fear … fear of failure, unable to cook, unwilling to share their lives with others, fear of deepening friendships … they are intimidated and think the meal has to be perfect, or … they don’t have the lifestyle that says, “welcome.” I believe in connection. I believe that Americans need to lower the expectations of perfection and open their homes to heart-warming dinners and in doing so, open their lives to LOVE!"

If that isn't motivating enough to go check out her blog, then you should also know that she is having a giveaway! Go check out her blog to learn more about how you could win a lovely Cheery Cherry Apron and more!


Sandy said...

Jennifer - thanks so much for visiting me!


潘云闲 said...

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the compliment! My template is from "The Cutest Blog On The" It is free and you can still customize it through Blogspot - love it!