Friday, May 30, 2008

While hubby's away, why not play!

Last weekend, I bought some fabrics to make a quilt for Peanut. I realized I love to sew, but I haven't made him very many things. Also, whenever we go visiting in the evenings I never have a blanket for him (if any of you have had us over in the evening, you know that I always ask to borrow a blanket because I don't have one with me :)). I decided to make a quilt just for him that we can take with us when he needs to sleep.

I cut and pieced on Wednesday, then quilted and bound yesterday. I was amazed how quickly it went - TWO DAYS! I think using a pattern helped, because I didn't have to waste so much time figuring out the math. Also, it's a crib size quilt, so it's a nice small one.

It's finished! Binding and all!

A close up of the fabrics and binding. I cut the binding strips on the bias to get the diagonal stripes.

Looking out his window with his quilt. You can see the back of it here. Pretty simple - just a green paisley fabric. (I love paisley! - I'm hoping it's not too feminine for my little man.)


jennifer s said...

good idea about a separate crafty blog!
I LOVE this quilt! And obviously he does too. Wow, I love the colours combined with the stripes and polka dots....not girlie!! :)
Did you find these fabrics at Jo'Ann's?

Rachel said...

Your quilt looks great. Don't be shy to bring it in we love show and tell!

ohelene said...

What a beautiful quilt!